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Kathleen’s enticing prose pulls at the yearnings of a reader’s heart and entertains well into the night. Her captivating novels bring courage anew, inspiring readers to step toward their dreams and seduce their own destiny. K. C.’s fiction does more than entertain- it enlightens and entreats one to think. 

Kathleen, under the pen names K.C. Mitchell and Kasey Mitchell, draws her ideas from her varied past and the interesting people she has known throughout her life. As a single-mother for many years, she understands the value of caring for her family while at the same time working toward her own dreams. 

She completed her B.A. in English Language and Literature at Columbus State University after a long and arduous journey that spanned almost 20 years. Her determination to complete her education is a testament of its importance to her. She currently resides with her husband and children in Columbus, Georgia, enjoying her career of choice as a Mother and more recently as a Nana.

K.C.’s debut novel, The Tapestry of A. Taylor, the first of The Tapestry Series, is followed by her second, The Weaving of A Warrior. In addition, under the pen name Kasey Mitchell, she adds some zest to your life with The Uncommon Waiter, a sexy novel that challenges trite thinking as it makes your toes curl.

Contact K. C. Mitchell at [email protected] or 224-366- READ (7323).